And It Was So Right

Earlier this week, I asked friends to ridicule me for that picture by captioning it. Freeze frames are perfect for the type of facial contortions we only assume possible during… the exact kind of things you can imagine my friends would say, and yet somehow, I feel convinced that it makes for a good introductory picture in this new blog. Oh yeah, this is a blog, isn’t it? What happened to the tiles? The credits? The portfolio?

I tried portfolios, but they didn’t allow me to speak my mind. I tried blogs, but they left me with no professional credibility. Then, I decided to combine the two, and it was just right. No, it felt so right, and now for 2016, you’ll get to hear more and more of my big mouth from an antiquated platform (Hi, WordPress). In an age of Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, and even Facebook, where does long form writing fall these days? Who bears the burden not just writing long form, but of reading it. If I have my way, this new site will become some weird mixture of tech blog, portfolio, and self-examination.

Within reason, of course.

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