Douglas Guerra is a professional video editor, encoding specialist, videographer, presenter, and voiceover talent. Since 2007, he has worked as both a staff and freelance video editor for social media, corporate, medical, commercial clients, and currently edits video for the AlternatingLine YouTube channel. With a varied background in corporate and commercial production, Doug has also worked on smaller productions in the camera department as both an AC and camera operator, and continues to freelance for documentaries, corporate video, and live stream engineering.

In 2015, Doug joined B&H’s video content team, and has been shooting, editing, and presenting videos such as camera reviews, tutorials, and manufacturer interviews. He has also begun pursuing commercial voice over, and has provided voice over talent for both AlternatingLine, Top10Media, and B&H.

In his spare time, he dwells on the technology behind video and film,  builds computers whenever possible, writes down short film ideas, and stares at the endless void of choices on Netflix.